Thank you for an incredible 2019!  1

Thank you for an incredible 2019! 

Great Partnerships, Exciting Engagements and Splendid Discussions – 2019 was a great year of accomplishments.

Before we list all the things we accomplished in 2019 I want to first share who we are grateful for, the people and relationships who helped us get here. Because their names should be known.

Our sincere thanks to:

Raymond Peng

Cole Murphy

Chris McGinnis

Abbas Baqueri

Mark McCracken

Tanveer Ali

Ricardo Vanegas

Mohsin Razvi

Ranghan Venkatraman

Vijay Shridharan

Ashish Mahajan

Mustafa Baig

Kumayl Qureshi

Jaffer Nizami

Haroon Iqbal

Nash Bazyani

Focus Softnet Board of Directors

Team Centra

Marketing Team @ Focus Softnet led by Abhishek

Development, Support and Implementation teams @ Focus Softnet

Last and but not the least – Zain Ali, Radha Sudha and Vikash Naik, the flag bearers of Focus Softnet North America.

You guys did something special for Focus and I truly appreciate and applaud your immense contribution, Thank you.

Our Accomplishments:

On the top of our accomplishments is the launch of AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications. An amazing AI and VUI engine that has transformed the entire spectrum of our solutions stack.

  • We have integrated AIFA in our ERP Focus9 making it one of the most powerful ERP with voice and text based search and data retrieval capabilities.
  • Integrated AIFA in our CRM making it more powerful with VUI capabilities.
  • We have launched Qbixe, the AI engine for Quickbooks.
  • Introduced Facial Recognition and AI capabilities within our HCM solutions.
  • 100s of out of box integrations in ERP and CRM solutions with integrations done with Zapier and other prominent integration platforms.
  • Expanded our operations across the US West Coast and Mexico and North East with numerous new Partners onboarded.
  • Have won numerous big accounts globally leading to faster and massive growth in users and clients globally.

We will continue to surge on the path to Incredible and highly rewarding engagements with our clients, partners and associates in 2020 and beyond.