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Story of an Ecommerce company with empty warehouse

Today on Focus On, EVP at eFulfillment Service Jordan Lindberg shares his family company’s origin story at the beginning of the eCommerce explosion in the corner of Michigan. We’ll go over how it all started from running Google Ads on a couch in the year 2000 with a single bankruptcy court client to a 20 year old successful family-run business growing faster than ever. Jordan also covers the importance of foundational work culture and the fundamentals of technology investments in choosing a WMS. Join us as we cover all this and look to the future trends of the 3PL space with the rise of robotics and AI and the importance of standardization in tech adoption.

This podcast series is hosted by Zain Ali, VP of Growth at Focus Softnet.
Special thanks to our guest, John Lindberg with EFS (eFulfillment Service), Rachel North for organizing at EFS.
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