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Ready to automate Discrete and Process Manufacturing.

Why Focus MRP

Manufacturing needs to be lean, with quick implementation, lowest cost, and agility to adapt and scale. Demand-driven material resources planning (DDMRP) is fundamentally changing the way manufacturers operate and will only continue to do so. As organizations move to adapt, they need real-time data and an integrated view of their operations from raw materials to the final product.

Focus MRP is a cloud-based materials resource planning software from Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider developing products with cutting-edge technologies for business management. Focus MRP easily supports both make to stock and make to order item manufacturing with easy customization.


Production Master Data

✓ Bill of Material
✓ Production Resource Tools
✓ GUI Routing
✓ Work Centre Capacity Definitions

Material Requirement Planning

✓ Lead Time Analysis
✓ Quotation Analysis
✓ Supplier Contract Management
✓ Material Requirement for Planned Orders and Forecast
✓ Planning for dependent and Independent Requirements

Shop Floor Management

✓ Issues and Transfers to Production
✓ Variance Analysis
✓ Replenishment Report

Shift Management

✓ Integration with finance and Inventory
✓ Updating of the Production Cost including overhead
✓ Integration with Warehouse Management for better Inventory control
✓ IT management

Quality Control

✓ User Defined Test Definition
✓ Rule definition for testing
✓ QC Requisition
✓ Sample And Total Test
✓ Test Approvals
✓ Quantity Breakups


✓ Job Definition for individual Machine or Asset
✓ Job Scheduling
✓ Maintenance Job Card
✓ Break down scheduling

Fixed Assets

✓ Asset Tracking and management
✓ Add and Remove Value or Components
✓ Capitalization of asset
✓ Transfer of asset
✓ Allows Conversion of asset

Key Benefits

Focus MRP 2

Intuitive and Step-by-step

Focus MRP allows for easy and intuitive routing with a wizard like interface which allows users to pick the Order/demand doc and process it till the production is scheduled in one go.

Focus MRP 3

Quality Products

Increase savings while satisfying your customers more at the same time. Focus MRP ups your quality control capability through features such as user-defined tests and QC requisitions.

Focus MRP 4

Always on Time

Identify exactly what components are needed – direct and in-direct – through multi-level BOM support. Project and schedule production in real time so y ou never have a late delivery again.

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Focus MRP 5

Make to stock planning

Bring your customers and vendors into the fold by creating their own logins and dashboards under one roof. Now they can view invoices, bills, and upcoming payments from a single source of information.

Focus MRP 6

Make to order planning

Focus 9 lets you customize your workflows easily using our drag-and-drop framework. Now you can make in-depth workflows for every process in your department faster than ever.

Focus MRP 7

Forwards and backwards scheduling

From quotation analysis to built-in warehousing to tracking by batch and serial number, Focus 9 integrates seamlessly, working with you at every step of the way.

Focus MRP 8

Material and Cost Variance

From quotation analysis to built-in warehousing to tracking by batch and serial number, Focus 9 integrates seamlessly, working with you at every step of the way.


New Releases

Voice and text-activated AI

Upcoming Features

Integrated IoT with machines for independent make counts

Integrated IoT with sensors for real-time alerts

focus erp dashboard

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The robust nature of Focus MRP allows it to adapt to any manufacturer’s size and depth while integrating with its hierarchy and structure, not the other way around. Focus MRP assists manufacturing processes and achieve a greater degree of compliance and customer satisfaction – redefining your establishment’s operations. Interested in knowing more? Schedule a free demo today

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AI Driven MRP - Manufacturing Resource Planning Software | Focus Softnet USA

A Voice and AI Driven MRP - Manufacturing Resource Planning Software Ready to automate Discrete and Process Manufacturing with material and demand planning. Cloud MRP embedded with advanced security features, mobile capabilities and easy to implement. CRM – manage leads, customers and workflows. Focus AI bots and machine learning engines can automate customer service, back-office, finance, HR and many administrative operations.

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