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More teaching, less red tape. Focus 9 aims to make both teachers’ and administrators’ lives easier. From registering new students to managing payments, More teaching, less red tape. Focus 9 aims to make both teachers’ and administrators’ lives easier. Bring all of your institution’s business processes under one roof with Focus 9 ERP.

Focus Softnet provides Focus 9 – the perfect education ERP that allows K-12 and higher education institutions to effectively manage business functions with increased productivity.

Increase efficiency

We know that many of the functions of education mirror those of business. Managing student and family information, human resources decisions, managing vendors, and financial services all take up time and personnel resources. Streamlining those processes with an education ERP and CRM makes more time available to personnel and staff. 

With the Focus Softnet CRM, educational institutions can: 

  • Keep current contact information and communication logs with students, families, government organizations, and vendors
  • Standardize and streamline workflows
  • Manage resources both internally and externally
  • Handle scheduling intricacies
  • Automate processes so they aren’t affected by calendars and staff turnover
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Build collaboration

Focus 9 ERP helps different departments and staff collaborate to save time and resources. For instance, student services can update information in the education CRM and that information is immediately available to other staff to use. Financial information for various programs can be shared to help advisors and financial services together to achieve program goals within budget and with reputable vendors. Team members can communicate human resources information across departments to manage schedules and changes in personnel. 

By encouraging collaboration among team members, Focus Softnet’s education ERP: 

  • Encourages transparency of information
  • Avoids redundancies
  • Drives stronger outcomes for team goals
  • Helps teams make decisions with more confidence

Easily Customizable

Focus 9 ERP can be implemented quickly with drag and drop customizations – no coding knowledge necessary. With thousands of integrations available right out of the box, compatibility with the applications already in place is assured so that processes aren’t replicated. Focus 9 uses RESTful API so integrations with established applications are seamless and efficient. 

Focus 9’s education ERP:

  • Integrates seamlessly with many of the applications already in use
  • Is versatile, addressing the unique needs of both K-12 education and higher ed
  • Is surprisingly affordable – we want to be the industry price disruptor

Let us streamline your educational institution’s processes and information with Focus Softnet’s Focus 9 ERP.

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