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Professional Services can be sold in many different ways. Whether it’s billable hours or fixed contracts, the challenge remains the same. Keeping track of projects and assessing profitability is dependent on the right systems in place.

A reliable and stable professional service ERP, Focus 9 smoothly integrates multiple business processes and helps manage a workforce that may be spread around the world.

Data is currency

But for most organizations, data is worthless. It’s often out of date, unreliable, and applied in the wrong way. This is because they’re not using the right systems. They have data silos that aren’t integrated and they believe reporting and analytics are more art than  science.

See your data across all your business platforms: 

  • Business development
  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human capital management
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ai powered erp crm software

Intelligent human capital management

Many professional service firms employ a workforce that is not always in the office and often scattered across time zones. Focus Softnet’s Focus 9 ERP integrates a powerful human capital management software that helps firms manage all aspects of their labor force, whether a force of ten or a force of hundreds.

The HCM within Focus 9 ERP streamlines: 

  • Recruiting 
  • Retention
  • Performance
  • Development
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Attrition 

Additionally, our HCM  collects and parses data to address human capital issues that are less concrete like workforce analytics and planning, performance management, and organizational changes.

Reliable human capital management with Focus 9 ERP can drive employee engagement and lead a more stable workforce.

Easy customization

Focus 9 ERP can be quickly implemented with drag and drop customizations – no coding knowledge necessary. With thousands of integrations available right out of the box, compatibility with the applications already in place is assured so that processes aren’t replicated. Focus 9 uses RESTful API so integrations with established applications are seamless and efficient. 

Focus 9’s professional services ERP:

  • Integrates seamlessly with many of the applications already in use
  • Is versatile, addressing the unique needs of professional services firms
  • Is reliable and stable with quick customer support
  • Is surprisingly affordable – we want to be the industry price disruptor

Let Focus Softnet help your professional services firm streamline information and processes with Focus 9 ERP. 

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