Quick and efficient service, combined with a well-balanced inventory has been a hallmark of successful retail stores across the world. As they are the places which connect the finished products with end-users, they require insightful management and careful monitoring to ensure profits. Retail establishments that are prosperous in their business always ensure that their processes are handled by an effective and powerful ERP system.

Focus Softnet’s retail software and POS solutions have been known for their reliable capabilities, comprehensive tools and multiple features.  With some of the top and well known retail establishments using them for several years, these solutions can be relied upon to deliver quick ROI and maximum profits.

Focus Softnet’s retail solutions have continually emerged as the most comprehensive, user-friendly and customizable solutions for retail establishments. Equipped with specific modules for accounting, procurement, planning, budgeting and reporting, they provide users with accurate insights to take timely decisions. By enabling businesses to build customer engagement, the solutions give them the right tools to take on their competitors effectively and aggressively. 

With the rising expectations of the customers and everyone in the supply chain, Focus Softnet’s retail solutions enable stores to reinvent themselves without having to overhaul their whole set-up. Their smart and predictive analytics and data-driven reports empower users with the information they need to take timely decisions. Their Cloud capabilities make them quick to deploy, easy to use and suitable to scale as per the owners’ requirements.

The solutions feature a rich UI which can be accessed both through a touchscreen as well as a keyboard. This, along with their multiple user-friendly tools, ensures that customers do not have to wait for long to get products billed. The solutions can be used for transactions in multiple currencies and their interface has multi-lingual support. With the ability to intregate data from multiple outlets and synchronize it, Focus Softnet’s solutions enable owners to use a single platform for different branches.

The design and structure of the solutions ensure that businesses have a steady stream of customers who leave with the desire to come back. For example, the solutions accommodate various programs like dynamic memberships and point redemption models which encourage customers to not only remember their buying experience but to visit the store again.

For the owners of retail stores and outlets, Focus Softnet’s solutions give the power of tracking and understanding customer requirements better by assimilating data from all departments. The quick-to-use features increase profitability by raising performance and productivity while speedy and secure transactions increase customer satisfaction.

Focus Softnet’s solutions cater to a multitude of retail sub-verticals which are mentioned below:

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Electronic outlets

Power-packed solutions with all the tools required to manage point of sale and all retail aspects of electronic outlets. 

  • Touch and type dashboard
  • Quick to deploy and easy to use
  • Customizable info panels
  • Dedicated modules for sales, inventory and discounts 


Specifically designed solutions for retail outlets dealing in durables and consumer goods, with many customer-centric features such as schemes and loyalty programs.

  • Quick to deploy and easy to use
  • Customizable info panels
  • Functionality to manage pre-orders
  • Dedicated modules for sales, inventory and discounts 

Grocery Stores

Reliable solutions for fast-paced transactions, equipped with several important features, such as billing, pre-orders, sales and discount. 

  • Speedy and secure transactions
  • Schemes and loyalty programs
  • Inventory management
  • Home delivery and cash on delivery management

Convenience Stores

Solutions with the right blend of modules to manage single as well as multi-chain convenience stores, complete with the inventory management module.

  • Walk-in sales management
  • User definable kitting of products
  • Price definition of products
  • Assignment of barcodes on kits

Textile POS

Seamless solutions with powerful integration capabilities that come with all-encompassing dashboards, modules for sales, discounts and inventory.

  • Discount management and configuration
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Inventory tracking at multiple outlets


Cloud based solutions to manage restaurants of all sizes, equipped with features for table management, kitchen management and POS.

  • User definable notifications and alerts
  • Inventory management for kitchen
  • Table and order management

Auto Retailers

Specially designed solutions for auto retailers, featuring robust tools for sales, billing, warranties and discounts.

  • Suitable for single and multi-location stores
  • Sales lifecycle stages
  • Acquisition, Tracking, Supplying and Estimation
  • Inventory and quotation management


Custom-made retail solutions for Jewelry stores and showrooms, with robust tools to manage finance, sales and billing. 

  • Customer centric services
  • Comprehensive sales module
  • Emails/SMS on Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Schemes and discount management 

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