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Focus 8 Leading ERP Software

Focus 8 is a Cloud-based, AI-driven ERP software from Focus Softnet, an accredited vendor of ERP applications and financial management systems in 17 countries. With over 30,000 clients and more than 1 million users around the globe, Focus is known as one of the top ERP solutions providers that for industry-specific business solutions and systems.

Among the many challenges faced by large-scale businesses, the most prominent is the lack of an integrated and unified ERP platform that branches out in all departments and covers all business operations. Focus 8 fills this gap by providing a multi-function platform that caters to all aspects of a business, acting as a comprehensive decision support system with an AI-driven automation.

As a comprehensive cloud ERP software; Focus 8 is compliant with the tax regulations of USA. It is equipped with a robust Business Intelligence engine that employs ‘slice and dice’ methodology to analyze data, define KPIs and present timely reports. The software’s BI presents actionable information to the users who, in turn, can take data-based decisions, without having to restore to presumptions. The reports also help businesses in identifying and monitoring key -metrics with ease.

The level of customization it allows makes it a solution which combines various traits and SOPs that no single ERP software is equipped with. Moreover, Focus 8 is not just an ‘on-screen’ ERP, it’s ease-of-use and smooth deployment ensures that it’s adhered to in operations right from day one. With its modular structure, business owners can devise their own ERP roll-out strategy, create workflows to define and evolve their company’s SOPs.

Financial Management

Focus 8 functions as a comprehensive financial management system with features to manage all financial aspects of a business. Whether it’s maintaining the general ledger or billing & invoicing, it provides features and overview to monitor accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting & forecasting and fixed assets as a reliable financial reporting software.

Sales Management

Sales teams are known to be the most active teams in any organization. However, tracking all sales activities is nothing short of a challenge. Businesses that lack an integrated ERP that synchronizes data in real time often face the hurdle of not having enough sales data to take timely decisions. Focus 8’s integrated sales module helps owners and managers to maintain all sales data on a single platform. As a sales tracking software, it enables real time updates with regard to the stages of each sale and automates escalations and approvals which can prove vital in avoiding hold-ups and enable sales acceleration.

An ultimate ERP solution for Manufacturing, Warehousing and supply chain establishments

Right from the stage when a product is designed to the phase where it is handed over to the distributors, Focus 8 takes care of all aspects of manufacturing as a powerful manufacturing software with all-encompassing features. Manufacturing units often face the problem of either having too much or too less raw material stored in their inventory. As a robust manufacturing inventory software, Focus 8 ensures that the inventory is reduced and maintained exactly as per the required limits. This is further assisted by it’s a capacity planning and production scheduling features. Users can automatically generate bills of material (BoM), manage manufacturing accounts, product lifecycle and comprehensively check the product quality to ensure the best output. Its quality control module equips manufacturers and business owners to convert product designs into production realities and is armed with critical functions such as rule definition for testing, quantity breakups for sampling, test approvals and test definitions which can be defined by users.

As a top cloud ERP software, Focus 8 houses an all-inclusive warehouse management system that can be used for single as well as multi-location warehouses and storage facilities. Equipped with RFID technology, it has multiple functions that can make it easy to optimize the storage space and enable access to all items with minimum movement. The WMS module also has features that cater to all aspects of order management, right from order entry to on-time order fulfillment.

With its inventory management module, businesses can ensure that their inventory investment is based on customer service goals rather than mere estimations. The solution helps users in improving their demand-planning to ensure that they don’t have to face out-of-stock situations. It includes options to manage inventory reservations, tracking & transfers, batches, expiry dates and product profiling through serialized inventory controls.

Businesses dealing in supply chain operations can use its demand planning features to determine procurement quantity and manage all aspects of logistics through its in-built transportation management system. Users can also fine-tuning invoices, manage consignment purchases, material returns & rejections, pricing and master data.

Focus 8 is the best ERP software for inventory management as it allows businesses to ensure that their inventory investment is based on customer service goals rather than mere estimations. The solution helps users in improving their demand-planning to ensure that they don’t have to face out-of-stock situations.

The software’s strategic sourcing functions assist users in determining the best place to procure materials and leverage the organization’s consolidated purchasing. Its data synchronization capabilities can be used for supplier quotation comparative analysis and generating automated, intelligent reports. The solution also has dedicated modules for fixed assets management and retail management.

Human Resources and Talent Management System

With Focus 8, a business can transform its human resource into a strategic force and align HR processes to the business goals. HR managers can use its empowering capabilities such as pre-employment assessment tools and background check systems to recruit the best candidates. It also enables them to automate on-boarding and set goals for employees and correctly calculated, on-time salary disbursements. Organizations can centralize employee data at a single platform, track all activities and provide them with a HR-free ESS with the HCM module.

Focus 8’s robust nature allows it to adapt to any organization’s size and depth while blending in with its hierarchy and structure.

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Focus 8


  • Grows user roles and profiles within your organization
  • Online and offline synchronization for storage and smooth access to data
  • Unlimited masters, tags and workflow options that you can define and customize
  • Introduces a new hierarchy structure or strengthens the existing one


  • Easy and efficient integration between different modules
  • Uses practices of international standards for every industry


  • Real time data flow and ease of access
  • Enables you to take decisions, convey them and then monitor them while on-the-go
  • User specific multiple dashboards
  • Easy to use and get familiarized with


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • Dashboard
  • Analyze (Slice "n" Dice)
  • KPI Definition
  • Report Writer

Sales Management

Sales Management

  • Credit Sales
  • Cash/Retail Sales
  • Vertical Specific Sales Processes
  • Sales Promotions & Schemes


Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance & Appraisal Management
  • Timesheet & Payroll
  • Vacation, Leaves & End of Service
  • Employee Self Service

Finance Management

Finance Management

  • General Ledger
  • Cash Management 
  • Accounts Receivable and Delinquency Management 
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting


Production Management

Production Management

  • Production Masters
  • Production Scheduling
  • Vertical Based Production
  • Process base production


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory management
  • Standard Vertical Specific Processes
  • Inventory Utilities & Bin Management

Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management

  • Fixed Assets & Depreciation
  • Asset Transfer
  • Asset Revaluation & Repair
  • Asset Disposal & Retirement