Educational institutions deal with massive amounts of data and information on a regular basis and have to access student information continuously. Using manual processes has been the norm in these institutions since ages. Such processes require more time and resources and are also exposed to human errors and data duplication. In case of institutions that have multiple branches, data integration is nearly impossible due to which decisions based on analysis cannot be taken.

Modern educational establishments have found a solution to overcome these challenges by using ERP systems and software specifically designed for them.  These systems enable users to record all data at a single platform, access it from anywhere and ensure that it is secure and accessible to authorized users only.

Focus Softnet provides ERP systems specifically designed for educational establishments. These solutions enable the management of schools, colleges and universities to automate admissions, fee payments, course/program and lecturer scheduling. By bringing total automation in all processes, the solutions ensure the elimination of all manual processes, thus saving resources such as time, significantly. 

With a well-structured ERP that provides a robust ESS, students can apply to study at an institution online and get a one-stop access to enroll, register and pay for their respective courses and programs. The simplified record-management tools would help the institution to access records of any student through the digital medium while the faculty would find the grading of students easier as they can enter and update the grades of every student right through the ERP interface.  

Many areas of operations and processes that usually lack monitoring can be brought under a single lens and control with Focus Softnet’s education-specific ERP systems. The school/college/university authorities can manage personnel and funds with increased transparency, without having to spend more resources for the same. Institutions can customize the solutions to suit their internal set-up and hierarchies. They can also standardize processes and streamline workflows to improve efficiency.

Educational establishments that use such integrated ERP systems are looked at with greater trust by parents as well as students. As the systems offer more transparency, it’s easier for the management to avoid wastage of resources by plugging-in any possible misuses. From the administration’s perspective, schools and colleges can end or limit their dependence on staff and instead rely on an automated system that can give better results with a quicker pace. The reliance on automated systems also ensures that record-keeping processes are not impacted by holidays, time and the alteration of staff.

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A comprehensive solution to manage single and multi-branch schools, with powerful features to monitor all processes and access all kinds of data

  • Automated admissions
  • Integration of all branches
  • Automated notifications for fee payments
  • ESS for students, parents and teachers


A multi-capability ERP system specifically designed for colleges, with robust tools to manage to the fee through integrated online gateways. 

  • Criteria based ranking of applicants
  • Program and lecturer scheduler
  • Payment gateway integration
  • ESS for students, parents and lecturers


A complete solution that ensures the compliance of students and faculty with university rules of attendance, fee payment and more.

  • Total monitoring of all processes
  • Online admissions and fee payments
  • Integration of all departments
  • ESS for students, parents and lecturers

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